Fellowship in the USA

Fellowship in the USAAn academic fellowship is an opportunity to get higher education at a foreign university for free or almost for free. This practice is especially widespread in the United States. It is here that students are given the largest scholarships/feloowships. Sometimes they cover up to 100% of the cost of education. That is, a student who shows good results can learn almost for free. At the same time, there is no need to “work out” this type of financial assistance – just to be a hard-working student.

The reason for such a system is that the US universities are interested in attracting deligent students. It is the achievements of students that make up the glory of a particular university. Therefore, many US educational institutions allow part of their income to pay academic scholarships to students they are interested in.

What types of scholarships/fellowships are offered by the US universities?

Keep in mind that the United States provides a special category of grants for students (need-based scholarships). It is awarded to students of most universities in the country, including prestigious universities, colleges and institutes (Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University). Need-based grants are provided to students experiencing financial difficulties in providing the necessary package of documents. In some cases, such scholarships can fully cover the cost of education. Students can also receive a scholarship for the work of an assistant – this may be research assistantship, teaching assistantship.

The Fulbright program

The Fulbright Program was founded in 1946. Throughout its existence, 43 graduates of the program received Nobel Prizes. This is one of the largest grant programs in the world. Annually it provides about 8 000 grants to applicants from all over the world: students, scientists, specialists, graduate students. Grants are provided in 160 countries in a variety of areas. Application deadlines and grant sizes vary depending on the type of program. All programs require a good command of English. You do not need to take the TOEFL test in advance. Those who successfully pass the first round of the competition will be paid for by the foundation.

Global UGRAD

The UGRAD international student exchange program is conducted by the US State Department. It is intended for undergraduate students from different countries. Winners of the competition program receive the opportunity to study at a university in the United States. The duration of study is one year, a degree is not provided. The Global UGRAD program covers visa costs, round-trip tickets, full tuition fees, partial medical insurance. Accommodation and meals are also paid by the program. In addition, program winners receive a monthly scholarship. The competition is held annually in various fields.

Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program

The Edmund Muskie Fellowship Program is conducted by the US State Department. It provides an opportunity to undergo training in the master’s program of the country’s universities in management specialties. The training lasts one year. Bachelors from different countries can take part in Muskie. The Muskie program covers visa costs (including visa support), payment of round-trip tickets. Winners will be fully paid for tuition, meals and accommodation. The program provides for partial payment of medical insurance and textbooks. Among the main requirements is a good knowledge of the language.

Patrick Henry Writing Fellowship

The Patrick Henry Grant for Writers and Scholars is intended for writers and scholars working on a book related to American culture or US history. The grant provides an opportunity to work in the USA for 9 months. The amount of the grant is 45 thousand dollars, the program also covers medical insurance. The winner is given funds to purchase the necessary books, an office is provided in Chestertown, Maryland.

Yale World Fellows Program

Yale University’s worldwide scholarship program is aimed at candidates with leadership qualities. Winners are given the opportunity to study at Yale University for one academic semester. Training is held every fall. Among the main conditions for selection are career successes, good knowledge of English. Applicants for a scholarship must not be US citizens. The selection is held every year. Applicants can apply via email.

IHS Journalism Internship Program

The George Mason Institute for Humane Studies program offers an internship grant for journalists and writers. The education of a journalist or philologist is not necessary; among the selection criteria is a fluent English. Students and graduates can participate in the program, provided that they have recently graduated from a university. Winners receive a scholarship of $3.200. Within the framework of the program, the scholarship holder undergoes an 8-month internship at US media companies.

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