The Islamic University of Gaza

The Islamic University of GazaThe Islamic University of Gaza is an independent Palestinian university, opened in 1978 in the Gaza Strip with the foster of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin.

Since this educational institution is located in that part of Palestine, which is under the control of the Hamas movement, it falls under the rout of Israeli artillery from time to time. So, during the Palestinian-Israeli exacerbation in the sector in 2014, the campus was partially destroyed.

The Islamic University of Gaza is a member of four regional and international associations of higher education: the International University Association, the Community of Mediterranean Universities, the Association of Arab Universities and the Association of Islamic Universities.

The University provides training for bachelors, masters, and doctors of sciences in the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Commerce (specializations: accounting, business management, banking and finance, economics and applied statistics, business administration).
  • Faculty of Pedagogy (specializations: science education, psychology, primary education, psychological counseling and rehabilitation, educational management, applied science and educational technology, Islamic studies, Arabic, English, history, sociology, computer science).
  • Faculty of Arts (specializations: Arabic philology, English philology geography, journalism, and mass communication, editorial, PR, social services, archeology, rhetoric and criticism, modern history and history of Islam, literary criticism).
  • Faculty of Sharia and jurisprudence (specialization: Islamic law, the basics of fiqh, comparative fiqh).
  • Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion (specializations: Hadith studies, Koranic studies, belief).
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences (specializations: mathematics, physics, water management, biology, zoology, microbiology, botany, medical technology, mycology).
  • Faculty of Engineering (specializations: civil and infrastructural construction, design and reconstruction, construction, electric power, construction management, civil engineering technology, engineering systems).

The graduates of the Islamic University of Gaza are many prominent figures of the Palestinian resistance and the creators/leaders of Hamas: Mahmoud al-Zahar, Abdul-Aziz Rantisi, Ismail Haniya and others. Additional Information: Official site of the Islamic University of Gaza.

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