Engineers Claim That Ancient Egyptians Could Have Aircraft

Engineers Claim That Ancient Egyptians Could Have Aircraft

Almost everywhere in the world there are artifacts from the past that do not correspond to the level of our knowledge about this period in the past of the Earth.

The scientific community is particularly worried and tries to remain silent about such results or interpret them in a way that is beneficial to them. Undoubtedly, the famous glider from Saqqara belongs to this category of artifacts.

Aircraft figure

An unusual exhibit is a wooden figure of an airplane or, as others consider, a bird. It was found in 1898 in the Egyptian village of Saqqara. According to historians, the figurine was made in the third century BC and was classified as an image of a bird.

The artifact was again discovered in 1969 by the Egyptologist Dr. Halil Messih, who built such aircraft in his youth. Professor John Lienhard of the University of Houston also doubts the classification of the find. He claims that most of the images of birds are drawn with their feet, and in this case, there is only a body.

Since then, many experts have pointed to the unusual shape of this figurine.

The pioneer brother Khalil Messiah, thanks to his knowledge in the field of aviation, even tried to make a full-size copy of this alleged glider and successfully took off.


We can say that this model corresponds to the basics of aerodynamics. Then the question arises: “Is this a coincidence and unusual intuition or is it evidence that the ancient Egyptians knew much more about aviation and even could fly on such devices?”

In this context, there is also a famous relief from the Khonsu Temple in Karnak, which shows images very similar to a glider.

According to the aforementioned Professor Lienhard, the creation of a model of a flying vehicle with a gliding flight was probably preceded by the construction of a larger prototype, possibly even one that made it possible to lift a person.

This is a very interesting study and in our opinion, Ancient Egypt hides a lot of secrets. For example, in addition to the flights that the Egyptians could make, many of the figures show a figure that looks exactly like the astronaut in a spacesuit. Again, what is it? Coincidence or did Ancient Egypt have connections with another civilization?

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