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ASEE boosted support for its corporate partners with the first-ever ASEE corporate development booth at the annual conference. The booth provided exhibitors with information on ASEE's various corporate opportunities. As part of this initiative, ASEE held a trivia raffle designed to educate corporate representatives about the various benefits of working with ASEE. The winner of this raffle was Minitab, which will receive discounted booth space at next year's conference and free advertising. Minitab is a leader in delivering statistical software and services for quality improvement, education, and research. For 30 years, Minitab Statistical Software has provided quick, easy, and reliable data analysis solutions for both business and academia. For more information, visit



This award, given by each ASEE section, recognizes the outstanding teaching performance of an engineering or engineering technology educator. The following are this year's award recipients:

Illinois-Indiana Section
J. William Goodwine
University of Notre Dame

Midwest Section
Ramkumar Parthasarathy
University of Oklahoma

New England Section
Jerome Tapper
Northeastern University

North Central Section
Clint Kohl
Cedarville University

Pacific Northwest Section
Leroy Friel
Montana Tech University

Pacific Southwest Section
Thomas Piechota
University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Rocky Mountain Section
William Van Moorhem
University of Utah

Southeast Section
Richard Denning
University of Central Florida



ASEE's Campus Liaison Board initiated this award to recognize campus representatives who have demonstrated staunch support for ASEE on their campuses. The following are this year's recipients:

Gulf Southwest Section
James Farison
Baylor University

Middle Atlantic Section
Ronald W. Welch
West Point Military Academy

New England Section
Kanti Prasad
University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Rocky Mountain Section
Sima Parisay
California Polytechnic State University

St. Lawrence Section
Paul French

Southeast Section
Richard O. Mines, Jr.
Mercer University


This award was initiated by the Campus Liaison Board to honor outstanding zone campus representatives. Each award winner receives a plaque.

Zone I
Kanti Prasad
University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Zone II
Richard O. Mines, Jr.
Mercer University

Zone III
James B. Farison
Baylor University

Zone IV
Sima Parisay
California Polytechnic State University-Pomona



This award recognizes high-quality papers presented at the annual conference. Papers awarded are from those that were presented at the 2003 annual conference. One paper was selected from those submitted by each of the Professional Interest Councils (PICs) and one overall conference paper.

Best Paper PIC I
GK-1 Enhances Teaching Skills of Engineering Graduate Students
Jed Lyons
John Brader
University of South Carolina
Session 2566

Best Paper PIC II
The Scholarship Horizons in Engineering Technology: Choosing the Best Path
Abi Aghayere
Rochester Institute of Technology
Session 3647

Best Paper PIC III
Staying in Engineering: Effects of a Hands-on, Team-based, First-Year Projects Course on Student Retention.
Daniel Knight
Lawrence Carlson
Jacquelyn Sullivan
University of Colorado-Boulder
Session 3553

Best Paper PIC IV
TECHGIRL: A Web site for Middle-School Girls Interested in Science and Engineering
Mary Anderson-Rowland
James Adams
Meena Nimmagadda
Michael Wagner
Milica Milovancevic
Anjali Gupta
Sandhya Pillalamarri
Sasha Pasulka
Arizona State University
Session 1692

Best Paper PIC V
Demographic Factors and Academic Performance: How Do Chemical Engineering Students Compare With Others?
Brian Thorndyke
Tim Anderson
Guili Zhang
Rufus Carter
University of Florida
Matt Ohland
Clemson University
Session 2793

Best Conference Paper
Staying in Engineering: Effects of a Hands-on, Team-based, First-Year Projects Course on Student Retention
Daniel Knight
Lawrence Carlson
Jacquelyn Sullivan
University of Colorado-Boulder
Session 3553

Best Zone Paper
Show Me the Money: Using Physical Models to Excite Student Interest in Mechanics
J. Ledlie Klosky
Reid Vander Schaaf
United States Military Academy
Session 1601

Aerospace Engineering Division
John Leland Atwood Award
John LaGraff
Syracuse University

Electrical Engineering Division
Frederick Emmons Terman Award
Wayne H. Wolf
Princeton University

Mechanical Engineering Division
Ralph Coats Roe Award
Richard O. Buckius
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nuclear Engineering Division
Glenn Murphy Award
Robin P. Gardner
North Carolina State University



Biological and Agricultural Engineering Division

Award for Excellence in Teaching Materials & Methods in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Evangelyn C. Alocilja
Michigan State University


Biomedical Engineering Division

Theo C. Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award
Thomas R. Harris
Vanderbilt University


Chemical Engineering Division

Arthur W. Westerberg
Carnegie Mellon University
William H. Corcoran Award
Duncan M. Fraser
Jennifer M. Case
University of Cape Town

Ray W. Fahien Award
David R. Shonnard
Michigan Technological University

Joseph J. Martin Award
Kevin D. Dahm
Rowan University

Dow Lectureship Award
William B. Krantz
University of Cincinnati

Award for Lifetime Achievement in Chemical Engineering Pedagogical Scholarship
Richard M. Felder
North Carolina State University

Civil Engineering Division

Gerald R. Seeley Fellowship
Tonya L. Emerson
Reid Vander Schaaf
California State University-Chico

George K. Wadlin Distinguished Service Award
Thomas A. Lenox
American Society of Civil Engineers

Glen L. Martin Best Paper Award
Title: “Enhancing Students Understanding of Key Engineering Concepts Through the Use of Civil Engineering Toys in the Classroom”
Author: Tonya L. Emerson, California State University-Chico

Best Paper Award
Title: “Engineering the World: Hands-on Experimentation for Civil Engineering K-12 Outreach”
Authors: James L. Hanson, Donald D. Carpenter, and Tarek Rizk, Lawrence Technological University

College/Industry Partnership Division

CIEC - Best Session Award
Session: “Impact and Results of Industrial Advisory Boards”
Presenter: Ray Haynes, TRW-Northrop-Grumman; George Brewster, Corning; Dick Felton, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Moderator: David Quick, Rolls Royce

CIEC - Best Presenter Award
Presenters: Deborah L. Grubble, E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co., and Peter D. Heimdahl, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Session: “Women and Minorities in Engineering: Best Practices With Schools of Engineering”

CIEC–Best Moderator Award
Moderator: George Brewster, Corning
Session: “Women and Minorities in Engineering: Best Practices With Schools of Engineering”

CIEC 2002–Innovation Award
Anita Todd
University of Cincinnati

Computers in Education Division

John A. Curtis Lecture Award
Title: “Animation of VLSI CAD Algorithms: A Case Study”
Author: John Nestor, Lafayette College

Woody Everett Award
Title: “Assessing Reliability and Credibility for Online Engineering Resources”
Authors: Beth Kolko and Linda Whang, University of Washington

Harden-Simons Prize
Title: “A Recursive Algorithm for Generating the Family of N-Length Binary Sequences with Weight M”
Authors: Bruce Harvey, Florida A&M University, and Rodney Roberts, Florida State University

Merl K. Miller Award
Title: “Integration of Data Acquisition and Analysis for Elementary and Middle School Education”
Authors: Barbara Bratzel, Marth Cyr, and Ben Erwin

Continuing Professional Development Division

Joseph M. Biedenbach Distinguished Service Award
Mary Bonhomme
Florida Institute of Technology

CIEC–Best Session Award
Session: “Lessons Learned & Success Gained From Faculty”
Presenter: Dale Atkins, Georgia Institute of Technology

CIEC–Best Moderator Award
Session: “International Input on CPD”
Moderator: Louk Fennis

CIEC–Best Paper Award
Title: “Evolution vs. Revolution”
Authors: Susan Bray and Kim Scalzo, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

CIEC–Best Workshop Award
Title: “Strategic Business Capabilities and Personal Skills”
Presenters: Lennaert Cassee and Tony Bandeputte—The Netherlands; Louk Fennis—PAON


Cooperative Education Division

Alvah K. Borman Award
Richard Abel
University of Cincinnati
Les Leone
Michigan State University

CIEC-Best Speaker Award
Joseph Stahley
Stevens Institute of Technology

CIEC - Best Moderator Award
Lisa Jones
Georgia Institute of Technology

CIEC - Best Session Award
Larry Hanneman
Patricia White
Steven Mickelson
Iowa State University


Engineering Economy Division

Best Paper Award
Janis Terpenny
University of Massachusetts

Engineering Libraries Division
Homer I. Bernhardt Distinguished Service Award
Christy Hightower
University of California-Santa Cruz

Best Reference Work Award
Title: “The Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology”
Edited by: Jacqueline Kroschwitz

Best Paper Award
Paper: “Scholarly Communication: The Use and Non-Use of Print Archives for the Dissemination of Scientific Information”
Author: Ibironke Lawal

Engineering Technology Division

CIEC Best Session Award
Session: “Future of Baccalaureate ET Programs”
Moderator: William Rezak, Alfred State College
Presenters: Mark Pagano, Purdue University; Paul Wilder, University of Southern Mississippi; and Albert McHenry, Arizona State University East

CIEC - Best Moderator Award
Session: “Image and Marketing of Engineering Technology”
Moderator: George Sehi, Sinclair Community College
CIEC - Best Presenter Award
Session: “Exploring Manufacturing Careers Consortium – A Partnership Approach to School to Work”
Presenter: John Winter, John Deere Waterloo Works


Liberal Education Division

The Sterling Olmsted Award
Kathryn A. Neeley
University of Virginia


Mathematics Division

Distinguished Educator and Service Award
Phyllis O. Boutilier
Michigan Technological University


Mechanics Division

Archie Higdon Distinguished Educator Award
Autar K. Kaw
University of South Florida

Ferdinand P. Beer and E. Russell Johnston, Jr. Outstanding New Mechanics Educator Award
Robert Carpick
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jennifer Kadlowec
Rowan University

William Szaroletta
Purdue University

James L. Meriam Service Award
Lia V. Brillhart,
Triton College



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