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Beryl Lieff BenderlyBERYL LIEFF BENDERLY, who wrote our feature on differential tuition, “Premium Prices,” has authored eight books and hundreds of articles for magazines ranging from Glamour to Scientific American about science, health and education. Her “Taken for Granted” column on labor-force, postdoctoral and early-career issues appears monthly on the Science magazine website. Beryl, who lives in Washington, D.C., has won a number of prizes and was a finalist for the American Association of University Professors Molotsky Award for coverage of higher education. She serves on the board of the National Association of Science Writers.

Stuart BriersSTUART BRIERS, who created the artwork for Megan Scully’s cover story on battlefield technology, has more than 20 years’ experience as an illustrator. Using digital tools, he produces rich, graphic, iconic-style imagery to meet fast newspaper deadlines and subtle magazine requirements. His work has appeared in Simon & Schuster publications, Business Week, Smart Money magazine, The Guardian and The Times. Stuart lives in London with his wife and two children.

Kev JenkinsKEV JENKINS, who illustrated the differential-tuition feature by Beryl Benderly, was born in the south of England and decided on a career in art at a very early age. After training as a technical illustrator, he broadened his skills as a freelancer, learning airbrush techniques and the needs of the advertising world. He has since produced work for both advertising agencies and major publishers. Currently, he works in the film industry as a concept artist and digital matte painter while taking on illustration assignments.

David ZaxDAVID ZAX is drawn to writing about unusual achievements. So he was an ideal choice to visit Spelman College in Atlanta for our Up Close profile of computer science professor Andrew Williams, founder of the first all-women, African-American robotic soccer team to compete in RoboCup International. David got his start in magazines as an intern at The Atlantic and Smithsonian, and contributes regularly to the latter. He has also written for Slate and the website of The Atlantic, and written and edited for Moment magazine. He lives in Washington, D.C.




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