PRISM - American Society for Engineering Education - Logo - SEPTEMBER 2004 - VOLUME 14, NUMBER 1
An Even Better Prism

Frank L HubandAs the new Prism year begins, the magazine is sporting a new look. Our goal is to present an interesting and compelling mix of stories relevant to your professional life. We're introducing a number of new features in this issue, and have asked our talented art staff—art director Lung-I Lo, design consultant Stacie Reistetter, and graphic designer I-Shan Chen—to help us present the material in an attractive, clear format to draw you in.

Among the new features are two pages of "Databytes," beginning on page 20, using the numbers we collect about engineering education, including enrollment and faculty and research expenditures. You will also find a more dynamic mix of information in our "Briefings" section. There are more stories on biotechnology, globalization, academic issues, and stand-alone quotes reflecting what people are talking about. In the "Teaching Toolbox" section, there will be regular reviews of books we believe you will want to know about and profiles of outstanding teachers.

Prism's editorial and art staff.This month's cover story, "The Cheating Culture," takes a look at cheating, a problem educators tell Prism is getting worse. Cell phones and laptop computers make cheating easier, but education writer Jeff Selingo has found that students still rely heavily on the tried and true ways of simply copying from their neighbor's test or borrowing a classmate's homework. Engineering professors say that, for a number of reasons, it is increasingly difficult to prosecute students caught cheating. Indeed, many don't even try.

Other stories in this issue are "A Revolutionary Approach," in which we examine Boeing's and Northrup Grumman's innovative efforts to build the unmanned X-45 fighter, and "Remade in Japan," in which, Tokyo-based writer Lucille Craft writes how Japan is trying to improve the quality of its engineering education.

I hope you enjoy Prism's new redesign, and as always, I welcome your comments and thoughts.

Frank L Huband
Executive Director and Publisher



The Cheating Culture - By Jeffrey Selingo
Remade in Japan - By Lucille Craft
Revolutionary Approach - By Stephen Budiansky
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A WORLD-CLASS ACT - By Thomas K. Grose
FACULTY'S FINEST: Kristi Anseth - By Thomas K. Grose
ON CAMPUS: Cyber Sentinels - By Robert Gardner
TEACHING: A Perfect 10 - By Phillip Wankat and Frank Oreovicz
LAST WORD: Crisis or Opportunity? - By Duane Abata


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