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Teaching Toolbox


Improving the Worksheet Environment

- By Francisco Honorio

Waterloo Maple, Inc. has launched Maple 8, the most advanced mathematical and analytical software ever developed in the Maple system's mathematical computation product line. Maple 8 is a mathematics and visualization tool that offers professors, industry professionals, and students the power to explore and visualize mathematical concepts, develop technical applications, and share information with the Web and Excel, MATLAB, external C, Fortran, and Java programs. Its worksheet environment has customizable buttons, toolbars, menu bars, pop-up menus, and many other elements designed to give users a greater level of convenience and flexibility in creating professional reports, presentations, and interactive technical documents. With more than 1,000 free downloadable Maple applications, tools, science and mathematics course materials, and interactive tutorials available online for educators and students, Maple 8 amplifies users' power and efficiency in conducting scientific and mathematical-based projects. For additional information, visit or call (519) 747-2373.

Novel Navigational Tool

KVH Industries, Inc. recently introduced E*Core 1000, the company's latest development for streamlined, low-cost, fiber optic gyros (FOGs), or gyroscopes. E*Core 1000 minimizes the use of expensive optical and electronic components necessary for constructing optical gyros and reduces the number of steps necessary to assemble optical circuits. The low noise and high bandwidth capabilities of the product are essential to navigation, rotation sensing, robotics, automated guided vehicles, and stabilization applications. E*Core FOGs are available with either digital or analog output, have no moving parts to wear out, and are insensitive to vibration and linear acceleration. For additional information, visit or call (401) 847-3327.


Francisco Honorio is an editorial intern at Prism magazine.
He can be reached via e-mail at