Prism Magazine September 2001



Teaching Toolbox

- By Andrea Tallent

Mathematical Problem-Solving Software

Waterloo Maple, a specialist in mathematical and analytical software, has recently introduced Maple 7--the latest version of its mathematical problem-solving software. Maple 7 provides both the environment and support resources to allow users to visualize and explore mathematical concepts, develop application tools, and share mathematical information and documents on the Web. New features of Maple 7 include a range of new mathematical algorithms in areas such as differential equations and numerical computation, and enhanced Web connectivity, including comprehensive MathML 2.0 support, XML support and TCP/IP sockets-based access to online information. Other features of Maple 7 include a growing suite of free add-on packages and applications available online through The Maple Application Center at

For further information on Waterloo Maple and the new Maple 7, visit their Web site at To request a reviewer's copy of Maple 7, contact Sofia Savvidis, Sales Coordinator, at 800-267-6583 ext. 259 or e-mail

New Technology in Numerical Simulations

Comsol, Inc. has introduced FEMLAB 2.1, the latest software package in the FEMLAB series. FEMLAB software specializes in modeling and analysis for virtual prototyping of physical phenomena. This version provides a new Chemical Engineering Module in addition to new features and functionalities including an advanced graphical user interface that supports post processing of integrals over domains and boundaries. Other features of FEMLAB 2.1 include associative geometries in the 3D solid modeler and powerful visualization capabilities such as transparency, which allows the user to see through surfaces. FEMLAB 2.1 and FEMLAB Chemical Engineering Module run under Windows 95/98/2000/ME, NT 4.0, Mac-intosh System 7.1.

FEMLAB can model virtually any physical phenomena an engineer or scientist can describe with partial differential equations including heat transfer, fluid flow, electromagnetics and structural mechanics. Specifically, FEMLAB supports the integration of problems from different fields.

For more information, visit its Web site at Contact David Kan, district sales manager, at 310-689-7250 or through e-mail at