ASEE PRISM - September 2000
Teaching Toolbox

By D. Walker and K. Gordon

Presentation Software

Milori Training Tools 2000 is a set of four easy-to-use software programs designed to make computer presentations and training more interesting and effective.

One of the programs, PC Chalkboard, enables presenters to use their computer screen like an overhead transparency. The user can highlight text, point out buttons, and draw freehand with a full palette of colors.

Another feature allows users to play sounds and music along with their presentations, such as canned laughter after jokes or the Jeopardy theme song after tough questions. Milori Training Tools 2000 costs $69.95. Orders can be directed to:, 55 Washington Street, Bloomfield, NJ 07003; (973) 259-9300; fax (973) 748-3015;
e-mail:; or see

Chemical Safety Reference

The latest edition of Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards (6th ed.) provides useful information on the reactive hazards of more than 5,000 elements and compounds. The handbook includes extensive cross-referencing that links similar compounds or incidents that may not be obviously related. The reference book also provides specific information on the stability of listed compounds and the reactivity of mixtures of two or more compounds for various circumstances.

The two-volume set is available for $295 in hardcover or $1,250 for a single-user version

CD-ROM; or $1,450 for both. Orders can be directed to: Butterworth-Heinemann Fulfillment Center, 225 Wildwood Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801; (800) 366-2665; fax (800) 446-6520; e-mail:

Unique E-resource for Engineers

Engineers around the world will now be able to get instant access to the latest field research and developments from their desktops. Engineering Village 2, developed by Engineering Information Inc., provides users with single-interface access to multiple databases, full-text research articles, patents, standards, products, and handbooks with one click.

Engineers using Engineering Village 2 will be able to perform sophisticated searches through millions of records, Web site abstracts, patents, and more. Engineers will also be able to answer questions and locate expert opinions through the "Ask a Librarian" and "Ask a Colleague" features.

For more information on Engineering Village2 or Ei, contact Peter Katz at the Engineering Information Inc. world headquarters, 1 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken, NJ 07030; (800) 221-1044 ext.514; fax (201) 216-8532; e-mail: or visit

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