PRISM  On-Line - October 99
teaching toolbox

by Andrea Gabrick
and Rahul Chadha

The Statistical Handbook of Technology Technology Handbook

    Keep up-to-date technology information on hand with Oryx Press's Statistical Handbook on Technology. This comprehensive resource covers such areas as research and development, employment of scientists and engineers, funding, and technological advances.

    The handbook contains current statistics and predictions on topics ranging from communications to space. Each chapter contains an in-depth explanation of the topic, related statistics, and tables and charts. The book also includes a glossary and an index.

    The Statistical Handbook on Technology costs $59.95. For more information or to order, call (800) 279-6799; or see .


Virtual Toolbox

    Engineering Information Inc. has launched the Engineering Information Computing Village, an online subscription service for the computer-related community.

    The service provides continually updated news, over a million computer-related full-text articles and papers, monitored computer-related Web sites, and a network of experts available for help.

    The Computing Village also offers Ei Computing Direct, which allows access to the full text of a group of Elsevier Science journals that can be viewed from the user's desktop.

    Prices for the Engineering Information Computing Village start at $7200 and vary according to number and type of users. For more information or to sign up for a free trial, call (201) 216-8500; e-mail: ; or see .


Tutorial Software

    Forces, the latest title from Physics Academic Software, is a tutorial program that offers a comprehensive overview of the basic principles of force.

    This review tool for instructors and students covers fundamental qualities of force, a history and "tour" of forces, and sections on forces and motion and electrostatic and electromagnetic forces. The multimedia software features hypertext links for navigating through topics, and concept outlines of each section. It also includes an index of phrases and definitions, multiple-choice quizzes, electronic report cards for monitoring progress, and on-screen laboratories.

    Forces runs on Windows 3.1 or higher and Macintosh, and requires 8 MB of hard drive space. A single-copy pack costs $100, a 10-copy pack is $400, and a high school site license costs $250. For more information or to order, call (800) 955-8275; e-mail: ; or see .


Guide to Grantseeking on the Web Grant Resource

    The Foundation Center's Guide to Grantseeking on the Web offers tips and strategies on how to evaluate and use Web-based funding materials.

    This how-to book is a comprehensive resource designed for both beginner and expert Web users and includes abstracts of hundreds of grant-related Web sites, profiles of searchable databases, and listings of government funding sources. Other features include descriptions of grant-related interactive online services such as bulletin boards, discussion groups, and mailing lists; a glossary; and a bibliography of related resources.

    The 408-page guide costs $19.95 plus shipping. For more information or to order call (800) 424-9836; or see .


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