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2000 ASEE Annual Conference


Section/Division Meetings

    The Illinois/Indiana section seeks papers for its March 23-25, 2000, conference with suggested topics including, but not limited to: coping with ABET 2000, educational delivery systems, team teaching-team learning, new methods, old methods revisited, and historical perspectives.
    Paper submissions are encouraged from other ASEE sections in the Central Midwest Region. Submit 300-word abstracts by October 10, 1999, to: Ronald Devaisher, College of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Evansville, Evansville, IN 47722; (812) 479-2652; fax (812) 479-2780; e-mail: .

    The North Central section seeks papers for its 2000 Spring Conference to be held in East Lansing, Michigan. The theme of the conference is "Engineering Education in the New Millennium: The Next Steps." One-page abstracts on the following topics are welcome: EC 2000 from the trenches, efficient assessment strategies, portfolios for engineering students, innovative teaching techniques, technology in the classroom, learning styles: who has time?, freshman engineering, time management hints for faculty, mentoring effective teaching assistants, innovative outreach programs, curriculum development, design: innovative and capstone approaches, multidisciplinary classroom environments, and international programs. Other relevant topics will also be considered.
    Abstracts are due on or before November 1, 1999, to: Barbara Brochu, Education Program Coordinator, Michigan State University, Department of Agricultural Engineering, East Lansing, MI, 48824-1323; (800) 366-7055; fax (517) 432-1536; e-mail: .

    The Southeastern section seeks papers for its annual meeting, to be conducted April 2-4, 2000 in Roanoke, Virginia. The general theme is "The Challenges of Engineering Education: What Works and What Doesn't?"
    Papers will be accepted on the basis of peer review of the complete manuscript. In addition to full manuscripts, a limited number of abstracts may be accepted for presentation at the conference. These abstracts will be published in a book of paper abstracts but will not be peer-reviewed or included in the reviewed proceedings.
    Papers should address topics dealing with instructional methodology, curricula issues, outcomes assessment, research and graduate programs, retention issues, professional ethics, computers in the classroom, ABET 2000, laboratory developments, changes in the undergraduate curriculum, capstone design courses and projects, co-op programs and internships, distance education, the virtual classroom, or continuing engineering education. Guidelines for preparing the manuscripts are available at .
    Authors should submit four copies of their complete manuscripts for peer review by October 8, 1999. Abstracts for the non-peer-reviewed abstract book are due by November 5, 1999. Submit materials to: Richard O. Mines, Department of Environmental Engineering, Mercer University School of Engineering, 1400 Coleman Ave., Macon, GA 31207; (912) 752.2347; fax (912) 752.2166; e-mail: .

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ASEE divisions, sections, and publications are welcome to publish calls for academic papers in ASEE PRISM. Please submit your calls at least 12 weeks prior to desired publication and try to keep them under 200 words. All calls will also be published on ASEE's home page. Send submissions to: ASEE Prism, fax (202) 265-8504; e-mail: .


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