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Frank Huband

More Power to Heal

Biomedical engineering is the fastest-growing discipline in our field and certainly one of the most exciting. Each week seems to give birth to new offspring from this marriage of medical research and engineering, promising faster and more accurate diagnosis, less invasive surgery, and a fuller life for the disabled. What’s more, as explained in our cover story, “Extra Strength,” engineers are opening up new pathways to understanding diseases and how the human body works. It’s also a discipline that has no trouble drawing women, who are generally underrepresented in engineering. Now, with baby boomers entering a stage in life in which they will need more medical care, we can expect biomedical engineering to keep expanding.

Several issues of Prism have reported on the one-two punch of recession and state budget cutbacks on higher education in the United States, as well as the partial and temporary relief from Washington’s stimulus package. In Britain, universities may be in worse straits. As reported in our feature “Bowled Over,” the new coalition government there sees no alternative to an austerity budget. At many universities, the STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, and math – are likely to feel the brunt of the cuts.

I think you’ll find interest and enjoyment in our profile of ASEE’s president, Renata Engel. Having discovered a passion for teaching while a grad student, Renata has put students front and center ever since, and finds much to appreciate in the emerging generation of engineers.

On October 17, the World Engineering Education Forum opens in Singapore, with water and energy sustainability among its topics. This four-day event will combine the ASEE Global Colloquium, with the theme “Keeping Engineering Education Relevant in the New Global Economy,” the first Global Engineering Deans Council gathering, the Global Student Forum, the IACEE World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education, and a meeting of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies. I look forward to seeing many of you there.
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Frank L. Huband
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