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Stuart BriersGUY GUGLIOTTA, who wrote our feature comparing Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s stands on science, technology and education issues, is a former science and congressional reporter for the Washington Post. Over a long journalistic career he has covered revolutions in Latin America, presidential impeachment, war in the Middle East, World Cup soccer and the U.S. space program. He currently writes mostly about science and policy topics. His recent work has appeared in Smithsonian magazine, The New York Times and The Atlantic. He lives outside of New York.

Kev JenkinsMARGARET LOFTUS, who wrote our feature on the relatively few African-Americans in engineering, is a freelance writer based in Charleston, S.C. A former U.S. News & World Report reporter, she covers travel, health, and education for a number of publications, including National Geographic Traveler and Her profile of Queen’s University materials engineering Professor Caroline Baillie appeared in the March Prism.

David ZaxMICHAEL WITTE, who drew the caricatures of Barack Obama and John McCain for Guy Gugliotta’s story on the presidential race, is a native of St. Louis, Mo. While at Princeton University, he was art editor of the Tiger, the campus humor magazine. Over a 30-year career, he has contributed more than 9,000 comic illustrations and caricatures to major U.S publications. In his spare time, Witte puts his artist’s understanding of anatomy to use as a pitching mechanics consultant to the St. Louis Cardinals.




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