ASEE Prism Magazine - Oct 2001



Teaching Toolbox


- By Andrea Tallent

3D Color Printer with HP Technology

Z Corporation has released the new Z406 3D Color Printer, which can create 3D physical models from digital data three times faster than the original Z Corporation Z402 System. Both printers produce physical parts from CAD and other digital data, using inkjet technology to build models layer by layer with a glue binder and powder. This new printer can create up to 160 cubic inches (2.5 liters) of finished parts per hour, and can print six different parts the size and shape of a regular soda can in less than two hours. The Z406 3D Printer has six million colors on its color palette and uses a new Cabot Corporation Inkjet pigment system for fuller, brighter color. This is the first product from a cross-licensing agreement between Hewlett Packard and Z Corporation in the field of 3D printing.

For more information on the Z402 System and Z Corporation, visit or contact Karen Kiffney at 781-852-5005.