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Movies and Statics

Words cannot express how glad I was when I received the September issue of Prism and it had on the cover “Lights, Camera, Engineering.” For the past two years in my Engineering Mechanics (Statics) class, I have given an extra-credit segment called Screen Engineering, in which students analyze excerpts and clips of movies using the concepts learned from Statics.  Students’ interest in Statics grew,  and the ones who participated performed really well in the class because they understood the practical application of the concepts and also enjoyed the process of analyzing movies.

Lights, Camera, EngineeringScreen Engineering sparked an interest not only in my Statics class but in engineering as a whole. Students who participated in Screen Engineering have formed a club called Big Screen Engineering, which I serve as adviser, bridging the gap between concept application and engineering in a very educational and entertaining way.

Chris A. O’Riordan-Adjah, P.E.

Lecturer - Structural Engineering
Dept. of Civil, Environmental and
Construction Engineering
University of Central Florida


Redesign Faulted

Unfortunately, the new design of Prism is inferior to the old design.

In particular, the typeface on the columns is not as professional as the old font. The first page of the Table of Contents is hard to read due to the photos and images obscuring the page numbers.

The photo of columnist Henry Petroski is not flattering at all. The use of three digits (e.g., “023”) for a one- or two-digit page number is strange. I continue to enjoy the content but prefer the old look.

Jeffrey W. Herrmann, Ph.D.
Department of Mechanical Engineering and
Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland




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