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Frank Huband

Two Decades of Achievement

I would like to use this final column to express my appreciation to ASEE members for the privilege of serving the Society. I am told that over 80 percent of current members have joined during my 20 years as executive director, and I’ve come to know many of you personally.

Prism was one of the earliest projects I initiated at ASEE. When I was interviewed for this position, I promised to re-energize ASEE’s publications. I proposed to create a magazine that would offer features on advances in engineering, technology, and education. I also proposed to reinvent the Journal of Engineering Education to provide the latest peer-reviewed research on our field. Both have kept up with trends in electronic media and are available online.

Just before stepping down, I witnessed another advance in our services to members: a revamped electronic process for conference registrations and paper submissions. Also, ASEE is in the process of installing its own video studio, providing an exciting new dimension for communicating with you through video interactions.

This, my final column, is being written en route to Singapore, site of a milestone in ASEE’s international activities. The World Engineering Education Forum includes five different engineering education events, all at the same location. In addition to the Society’s Global Colloquium, we will have the first full meeting of the Global Engineering Deans Council, a gathering of the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies and of the International Association for Continuing Engineering Education, and the Global Student Forum.

Finally, let me say that I hope you enjoy the articles in this issue of Prism. They feature concerns about possible hazards associated with nanotechnology; new programs in science, technology, engineering, and math at Native American colleges, and universities participating in the Department of Homeland Security’s Centers of Excellence. Dr. Lyle Feisel, a former ASEE vice president for finance and president, will serve as ASEE’s interim executive director. I know he will welcome your comments and suggestions.


Frank L. Huband
Executive Director and Publisher




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