November 2003 - Volume 13, Number 3
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Cover Story - Munching on Hazardous Waste
Cover Story - Munching on Hazardous Waste
Munching on Hazardous Waste
Munching on Hazardous Waste
Munching on Hazardous Waste

Munching on Hazardous Waste

Cleaning up toxic waste is a huge job in the United States. Engineering researchers are putting microbes to work consuming toxic contaminants.

By Nancy Shute
Illustration by Edel Rodriguez

Taking a Crack at Predicting Quakes

Researchers are studying ways to process the mountains of real-time data on earthquakes - all in an effort to improve their dismal record of forecasting them.

Pursuing New Paths
The number of chemical engineering grads continues to decline, but that may be partly because students are being wooed away to bioengineering departments.
Toy Story
An engineer has made a career out of creating hot-selling toys such as Fur-Real, a lifelike cat that can hiss and flex its back when provoked.


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