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Turbine Technologies, Ltd., an educational lab equipment manufacturer, has announced the release of the RankineCycler, a tool that gives students hands-on experience operating a fossil-fuel burning power plant.

The RankineCycler is a desktop-size power plant designed especially for use in engineering classrooms. Its boiler routes steam to an axially-bladed turbine that runs a four-pole generator. The turbine's exhaust steam enters a cooling tower to condense and recycle the steam into water for the boiler.

Students use the RankineCycler, equipped with a data acquisition system that monitors such rates as fuel flow, generator output, pressure, and temperature, to conduct experiments related to energy balance and efficiency.

For more information on the educational power plant, visit


Ballantine & Company, Inc., has recently introduced four new desktop software products for use by small- to mid-sized businesses. Smart Tools Contact Manager, Smart Tools Project Manager, QuickAssist 2.5, and QuickGantt 4.0 offer high-quality information management to business professionals in fields like architecture and engineering.

Smart Tools Contact Manager allows users to create, organize, and share contact and project information, while Smart Tools Project Manager utilizes a worksheet environment that is similar to the well-known Microsoft Project program. Both Smart Tools products feature data sharing capabilities with Intuit's QuickBooks 2002 software.

QuickAssist 2.5 is an update of Ballantine's contact management and communications software. Version 2.5 features enhancements of the program's three main tools: e-mail, contact management, and word processing.

QuickGantt 4.0 is the latest version of Ballantine's project management software. The upgrade includes greater flexibility to customize worksheets designed with busy professionals in mind.

For more details on any of Ballantine's four new programs, visit

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