ASEE PRISM - May-June 2002
Smart Parts
Smart Parts
Smart Parts
Artifical limbs take on new life


Artificial limbs are taking on new life thanks to embedded-chip technology that is giving wearers a freedom of movement that would have been impossible a few years ago.

by Thomas k Grose

2002 ASEE Annual Conference

Old Meets new In Montreal

Although the city takes some of it's cues from Paris and other cosmopolitan cities in Europe, it has its own strong sense of identity as a place of great charm and style.

by Pierre Home-Douglas

Missile and Medicine

The war on terrorism will mean a dramatic increase in federal spending in the fields of science and engineering, but most of the new money is slotted for just two areas: weapons development and biomedical research.

Leading The Way

As the first African dean of engineering at a major South African university, Raymond Nkado is breaking down a number of barriers for black students, who account for half of the nation's engineering students.

Behind the Screens
Exploring the time before geeks began ruling our lives, a recent book examines the early days of the information age.
Speedy Checkout l A Virtual Trip to the Dentist l Going the Distance With Engineering l Success With Startups l Watch Out World Cup

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