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Frank L. Huband

ASEE seeks to provide support and services to the entire engineering education community-from first-year instructors at small schools to the deans of large research universities. Our challenge is to address the priorities, interests, and concerns of the many groups within our community. Our goal is to enhance and broaden services to our members. In this regard, we are undertaking several initiatives that should interest you.

In this month's PRISM, we present the results of a survey of assistant professors in the article "What Do Assistant Professors Want?" The relatively high response rate shows that our members have much to share with us about the state of engineering education, and we will be conducting more surveys of different components of the engineering/engineering technology academic community in the near future. Female educators, faculty members at research-intensive schools, and non-U.S. engineering educators are among the constituent groups from which we plan to solicit opinions for future PRISM articles.

Also for our non-U.S. members, ASEE's Board of Directors recently approved a three-year trial for a new class of international membership at a reduced fee. These members will have access to ASEE publications via the Internet instead of receiving print versions, which will ensure that they receive PRISM in a timely fashion (which is sometimes difficult with overseas mailings). It will also reduce costs to both ASEE and our international members. At the end of the trial period, the Board of Directors will determine if online-only memberships will be made available to ASEE members in the United States and Canada.

ASEE has also begun development of a Web-based database designed to catalog all available continuing education opportunities of interest to engineers. We hope that this "lifelong-learning clearinghouse" will be valuable to our members and to the engineering community at large by allowing them to more easily locate and pursue courses that will help them grow professionally. For those who develop and provide content for continuing engineering education, we hope that use of this database by engineers will increase participation in your programs.

Each of these efforts has a common purpose: to better serve our members and others in the broad engineering education community. We can do a better job of serving you when we understand your concerns and your needs. By responding to one of our surveys or another communication, I hope you will share your thoughts and ideas with us.
As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Frank L/ Huband

Frank L. Huband
Executive Director and Publisher


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