By Andrea Tallent

The Level Control System from Creative Engineering Laboratory Systems helps students measure system characteristics and design feedback controllers.Engineering Laboratory Equipment

Creative Engineering Laboratory Systems offers modern laboratory equipment for engineering and technology programs. All systems—which are designed for controls systems, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering labs by experienced engineering faculty—have modern data-acquisition and computer-control capabilities, both locally and via the Internet.

The cost-effective systems, which help students learn the operation of real engineering equipment, are turnkey and custom, real-world proven, and feature LabVIEW for data acquisition. Creative Engineering Laboratory Systems also upgrades and renovates existing laboratory equipment.
For more information, visit their Web site at, or contact Jim Henry or Charles Knight at 1-800-844-0493 for more information.


Integrated Office and Calculations Software

Research Engineers International, a division of netGuru, Inc., has introduced Layout Calculation Solutions. The software extends the capabilities of existing spreadsheet software to allow engineers to use symbolic mathematical equations, produce technical reports, and create customized calculation sheets to solve problems not addressed by general engineering software.

Equations can be displayed and solved using a simple equation editor and spreadsheet formulae syntax, and the software allows easy creation and rotation of a range of 2-D and 3-D shaded charts All Layout documents can be imported into any other Layout document.

Layout, which is fully compatible with other STAAD engineering software products, is sold separately for $695 per copy, or as part of the new STAAD.suite 2001 products. For more information or to order, call 1-800-FOR-RESE, or download the demo at


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