By Andrea Gabrick

Technical Writing Resource

TechMultimedia and the Internet have revolutionized the way most engineers, scientists, and students research, prepare, and present technical data. Oryx Press's How to Write and Present Technical Information offers those working in high-tech fields a user-friendly resource for communicating technical information.

Technical professionals can acquire a broader range of skills using the updated third edition, which features new chapters on writing and designing for the Web and multimedia applications. Organized as a reference tool, the book also addresses such topics as getting to know your audience; writing proposals, memos, and product descriptions; using the Internet as a writing tool; writing public relations, marketing, and advertising documents; editing your own work; and handling presentations and meetings.

How to Write and Present Technical Information costs $24.95. To order or for more information, contact Oryx Press at (800) 279-6799; e-mail: info@oryxpress . com; or see .


Electronic Publishing Tool for Maple Users

Maple Explorer, an add-on product from Waterloo Maple, offers a powerful tool for electronically publishing scientific and technical information. A combination of Maple V, the powerful and widely used computer algebra system, and IBM's Techexplorer Hypermedia Browser, Maple Explorer allows users to share mathematical information on the Web through workgroups, electronic journals, research documents, technical papers, and the publishing of online documents.

Users get pMapleVublishing-quality mathematics in an Internet browser, with smaller, easy-to-download files.

Maple Explorer runs on Windows 95/98/NT and requires Maple V, version 5.1. A single copy costs $60 and is available on CD-ROM only. For licensing and other information, call (800) 267-6583, or see .


Career Guide for Future Engineers

insideStudents exploring the possibility of an engineering career will find guidance in Is There an Engineer Inside You? A Comprehensive Guide to Career Decisions in Engineering. Celeste Baine, author and biomedical engineer, leads students through the engineering marketplace and offers insight on engineering education.

Is There an Engineer Inside You? discusses the importance of engineering, and provides tips on preparing for and making it through engineering school. The manual examines both traditional and non-traditional engineering careers, and  explains each of the different branches of engineering. Also included are related feature articles, recommended reading lists, and extensive indexes of engineering camps and societies.

The book, published by Bonamy Press, is available for $14.95 in bookstores; or to order, call (318) 644-0532, or see



Design Science has introduced MathType4, the latest upgrade of its popular software. MathType users will find all the familiar features of the user-friendly mathematical equation editor that works with most word processing, page layout, and other software products to insert typeset-quality equations into technical papers, books, slides, Web pages, and other documents.

MathType4, like its previous edition, automatically formats mathematical expressions and allows users to modify them accordingly. New features include a variety of math symbols and templates, and enable users to add their own.  The new software also includes Euclid, a set of math fonts that includes additional math-related symbols and characters. Users can add color to equations or parts of equations, and customize keyboard shortcuts and equation toolbars. With MathML translators and high-resolution GIF equations, MathType4 allows users to create high quality Web-based documents.

MathType4 costs $129, or $49.95 for an upgrade. The standard program runs on Windows 95/98/ NT, and versions for Windows 3.1 and Macintosh are available with different features. To order or for more information, call (800) 827-0685 or see

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