PRISM - American Society for Engineering Education - Logo - MARCH 2005 - VOLUME 14, NUMBER 7
How It All Began

Frank L HubandThe year 2005 in Washington, D.C., began with a wallop of snow and an inauguration. The first presented the usual challenge to Washington, which considers itself a southern city, and the latter gave us pomp as well as pause for reflection. What factors, influences, or happenstance guide a life to success? In Prism, this month's cover story, "The Mechanics of a Career," looks at what makes an individual decide to become an engineer. The article consists of brief life stories told by accomplished engineering educators who reflect on the circumstances that guided them along the road to engineering and successful careers. None of them, it appears, started out wanting or planning to be an engineer. I hope you will enjoy reading about how other educators' engineering careers evolved.

"A Click Away" looks at a new resource available to K-12 teachers, engineering college faculty, and students. The newly launched K-12 TeachEngineering (TE) digital library collection represents more than two years of planning and admirable collaborative work among four engineering colleges. Jacquelyn Sullivan, TE project leader, says the development team combined years of experience working with teachers and students to come up with a first-rate curriculum with an inviting feel. The online digital library at provides hands-on lessons and activities involving science and math concepts for young students. Click and see for yourself.

"You Call This School?" describes an innovative undergraduate program at Caltech called the Summer Undergraduate Research Fund (SURF). In this program, science and engineering students work with mentors in Caltech's engineering department and at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. Students develop projects that compete for fellowship research and a $5,000 stipend while learning firsthand about the rigors and rewards of research.

As always, we have tried to provide an intriguing mix of articles. I would be interested in your thoughts and comments.

Frank L Huband
Executive Director and Publisher



A CLICK AWAY - By Barbara Mathias-Riegel
YOU CALL THIS SCHOOL? - By Pierre Home-Douglas
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REFRACTIONS: Keeping Things in Perspective - By Henry Petroski
UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT - Engineers seeking advancement are getting degrees in engineering management. - By Alice Daniel
BOOK NOTES: Getting Smart
TEACHING: Making Them Want to Stay - By Phillip Wankat & Frank Oreovicz
ON CAMPUS: The Write Time and Place - By Robert Gardner
LAST WORD: Inside Washington - By Jim Turner

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