Prism Magazine - March 2003
ASEE Prism Magazine - March 2003 Prism Magazine - March 2003
Going Global
Going Global
Going Global
Engineering Educators set up shop overseas


U.S. engineering schools are gradually venturing into the global marketplace - setting up shop in countries such as France, Greece, Singapore, and even China.

BY Alvin P. Sanoff

Scaling The Ranks

Former Pentagon official Delores Etter may well be the most sought after engineer in the power corridor of the nation's capital.

Palace of Science
A fascinating new book tells the story of Alfred Lee Loomis, a visionary who set up a world-class private lab that laid the groundwork for detection technologies that changed the course of World War II.
The Sky's The Limit
The new Joint Strike Fighter is one of the most sophisticated war machines ever conceived and may also change the way engineering is taught.
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