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- By Kim Pinnix

Evolutionary Power Protection

MGE UPS Systems recently introduced its innovative Pulsar Evolution UPS family to the computer industry. The Evolution offers protection to rack-optimized servers, storage systems, and Internetworking equipment against costly and devastating power interruptions. The most unique feature of the Pulsar Evolution is its size. At 1.75" high, the slender design doubles the power density, creating the smallest 800 and 1100VA UPS. Despite its tiny package, the Evolution contains enough power to keep a hub, switch, and router up for 45 minutes or a Windows 2000/NT server running for up to 25 minutes. The Evolution combines high-frequency line-interactive technology that delivers a sinewave output, voltage correction, and wide input voltage tolerances. The Pulsar Evolution product line starts at $349 list, which includes a comprehensive two-year warranty, including battery replacement and MGE's exclusive $35,000 equipment protection warranty. For further information on MGE's power protection solutions, visit or call MGE at 800-523-0142.

Kim Pinnix is an advertising assistant at Prism.
She can be reached at


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