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A Prized Employee

If there was ever a competition for the best director of administrative services, Sandra Wingate-Bey would definitely win the award.

If you want to know who was ASEE's first president back in 1893 or how to launch a national award, Sandra Wingate-Bey is the person to ask. Serving as ASEE's unofficial historian at headquarters is just one of the responsibilities of the organization's Manager of Awards and Administrative Services. With its numerous departments, committees, and members, ASEE is a diverse organization, and with such an assortment of parts, a connecting force is necessary. "Bey," as she is known, oversees all of ASEE's administrative functions, making sure that the 40-person office runs smoothly. She coordinates the national awards program and ASEE's national elections. A 14-year veteran, Bey has served the organization longer than any other current employee. "Bey was here when I came," says executive director, Frank Huband, "I relied heavily on her then, and today she is even more valuable to me and to the organization."

One of Bey's most important responsibilities is supervising ASEE's national awards program. Last year, Agilent Technologies chose ASEE to administer the Robert G. Quinn award, which is given for excellence in experimentation and laboratory instruction. Bey worked closely with company vice president Marsh Faber to launch this prestigious award, which carries a $5,000 honorarium. When it was presented for the first time at the annual conference in Albuquerque, Faber singled Bey out for praise. Each November, ASEE members submit nominations for 14 national and society awards that the organization offers. Once the awards selection committees have decided the winners, it is up to Bey to coordinate the process. Every award honors different achievements and has different requirements. It used to be that during awards time, you could hardly get into Bey's office because of all the mail and express packages containing material supporting the nominations. But now, because most nominations are submitted online, that is no longer the case. Bey also supervises four divisional awards that are administered by ASEE-the Atwood, Terman, Roe, and Murphy awards, plus the Section Outstanding Teaching Award.

Overseeing ASEE's national elections also falls under Bey's supervision. More than anyone else on staff, Bey knows the complicated requirements of running for office. She works closely with the chair of the nominating committee and supervises the process through the final tallying of votes. The winners are announced in the April issue of Prism. Unlike this past U.S. presidential election where leaking by election officials was a daily occurrence, Bey's discretion is legend. She would like to see an increase in the number of members participating in the selection of the organization's officers.

Bey's personal interests are every bit as diverse as her job responsibilities. Two of her greatest passions are Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese form of internal martial arts, and Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese physical art, which strengthens and energizes the body. She's also an avid reader, particularly anything having to do with history or health—currently "The Power of Natural Healing," by Hua-Ching Ni. Oh, and who was ASEE's first president? You'll have to ask Bey. She can be reached at


The 2002 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition will be held June 16-19 in Montréal, Quèbec. The ASEE annual conference and exposition is the premiere event for engineering educators. It provides more than 2,000 engineering educators the opportunity to exchange ideas, affect curriculum changes, enhance teaching methods, and network with peers and others dedicated to furthering engineering education. The meeting features more than 200 technical sessions, workshops, panel discussions, professional tours, interactive poster and multimedia sessions, and an exposition for major companies to display the latest technology in the field of engineering education. Visit for more information.

The Third International Conference on Composites in Infrastructure will be held on June 10-12, in San Francisco, (ICCI). The ICCI '02 follows two earlier successful conferences that were held in 1996 and 1998. The conference offers a great opportunity to learn about the latest advances in design and construction of civil structures with fiber composites. ICCI '02 will cover a wide range of topics including material characterization, design of new structures and repair or rehabilitation of existing ones, construction practices, and nondestructive evaluation, as well as case studies. In addition, a two-day short course that will focus on design and retrofit of typical engineering structures with fiber composites will be offered on the weekend preceding the conference. Attendees for this course can earn 1.6 continuing education credit hours. See for more information.

The United Engineering Foundation will hold a conference entitled E-Technologies in Engineering Education: Learning Outcomes Providing Future Possibilities in Davos, Switzerland, on August 11- 16. The conference will include discussions on e-technologies that improve engineering student learning and exhibits on current and emerging e-technologies used in engineering education. For more information visit

The Ninth Concurrent Engineering Conference and Exhibition will be held at Cranfield University, UK, on July 27-31. Sponsored by the International Journal of Concurrent Engineering: Research & Applications and the International Society for Productivity Enhancement, the conference will provide a forum for the international scientific exchange of multidisciplinary and inter-organizational aspects of concurrent engineering. The focus will be on the use of integrated enterprise processes, collaborative work, information sharing, co-locating resources, and integrated frameworks and tools. To learn more about the conference visit

On September 9-13, the 30th IAHS World Congress on Housing will be held at the University of Coimbra in Coimbra, Portugal. Topics covered by the conference will include architectural developments, urban planning, urban facilities, and construction management, as well as quality issues. Check out to learn more.

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) will be hosting the Seventh International Conference on Application of High-Performance Computers in Engineering on September 23-25 in Bologna, Italy. Conference topics will include algorithms for parallelization, performance and benchmarking, distributed computer systems and networking, industrial applications, and applications in fluid flow. More information can be found at

WIT also will be hosting the Third International Conference on Data Mining Methods and Databases for Engineering, Finance, and other Fields in Bologna, Italy, on September 25-27. The conference aims to bring together participants from academia and research, industry, and government organizations. The meeting will allow participants to learn about the many different applications of data mining and how these techniques can be applied in their fields. Some of the topics covered will be data warehousing and databases, fraud detection, knowledge discovery and data mining, along with genetic algorithms and parallel processing techniques. Visit for more information.

Books By Members

Communications Systems
By Bruce Carlson, Paul Crilly, and
Janet Rutledge
McGraw-Hill, New York, NY; 2001,
850 pp., $113.60