Prism Magazine - March 2002
ASEE Prism Magazine - March 2002 Prism Magazine - March 2002
Down The Road
Down The Road
Down The Road
Automotive Engineers Pave The WAy for Tomorrow's Car

Down the Road

What is tomorrow's car going to look like and what will make it run? Automotive engineers say it won't bear any resemblance to today's state-of-the-art SUV or luxury sedan.

By Thomas K. Grose

A Criminal Act?

By passing a copyright protection law in 1998, Congress turned the exposure of inadequate security systems into a crime, according to a First Amendment expert, who says the Digital Millennium Copyright Act represents the worst kind of special interest lawmaking.

Unequal Opportunity

Women engineers and scientists who want to pursue academic careers in Japan face almost insurmountable obstacles, but increasingly they're fighting back.


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