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By Dionne Walker

Graphical Programming System

Agilent Technologies and the Mathworks Inc. have merged MathWorks' MATLAB Script and the MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox, to create VEE OneLab, a new graphical PC programming environment for stand-alone research and development applications. VEE OneLab lets engineers create measurement programs that collect data from PC-based hardware and up to four instruments.

Built-in analysis, complementary functions, and new tutorials make VEE OneLab useful for design characterization and verification as well as data acquisition and experimentation in single-test-stand applications. The software uses script from MATLAB, to provide advanced math and graphics functions. The software also features 500 of the most common analysis functions pre-written into the program, as well as an additional 1,200 functions.

VEE OneLab's server enables access to its measurement analysis environment from multiple standard languages and PC applications. VEE OneLab also features new tutorials and embedded I/O configuration for convenient runtime distribution. VEE OneLab is available for $595, can be downloaded for a free trial version at www.agilent.com/find/vee. To order, call 508-647-7000; e-mail: info@ mathworks.com; or write to: The MathWorks, Inc. 3 Apple Hill Drive Natick, MA 01760-2098. For more information, visit www.agilent.com.

Product descriptions are based on manufacturewr's literature. Endorsement by ASEE is not implied.

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