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8th WCCEE, Toronto
The 8th World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education will be held in Toronto, Canada, on May 12-16. Held in North America for the first time in 15 years, the conference will attract a multinational group of pioneers and practitioners in the field of education, training, and skills enhancement for professional engineers. Topics to be covered will include: emerging technologies for distance education, core competencies for employability, making learning more accessible to developing countries, and quality issues in continuing engineering education

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Electralis 2001 "Campus," Belgium
Electralis 2001 is a year of international events addressing electricity, devised at the initiative of the Electropôle Association. The goal is to launch a wide-ranging debate on the role of electricity in our society by highlighting the challenges and opportunities involved in mastering electricity. The year will be organized around three events:

Cité: an expo that will offer a glimpse of the electric world in the 21st century, held from March to November 2001 in Liege, Belgium.

Campus: a research-to-business convention devoted to the new electricity technologies, held 14-17 March 2001, in Liege, Belgium. This conference will focus on robotics and automation, microsystem, nanotechnologies and MEMS, aerospace research, information and communication technologies, and power and energy. Forum: a world geopolitical congress with the theme of "clean and cost-effective electricity for all in an information century," to be held in November 2001.

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Global E³
The Global Engineering Education Exchange (Global E³) is an international exchange program designed specifically for engineering students. The program is designed to allow students to take courses overseas for credit at their home institutions, and receive practical training in another country, if desired. At the same time, the Global E³ program strives to minimize the increased costs associated with most study abroad programs. Following an academic term, students are then eligible for overseas internships. For more information, see:

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The Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) will be sponsoring the IMAC-XIX: A Conference & Exposition on Structural Dynamics, to be held February 5-8 in Kissimmee, Florida. The theme of the conference, "Future Directions in Structural Dynamics," offers the opportunity to present new and innovative approaches to the structural dynamics community. Abstract information, and details on the conference, are available on the SEM Web site at:

MRS Spring 2001, San Francisco
The Materials Research Society will hold its spring 2001 meeting in San Francisco from April 16-20. A symposium on "Impacting Society through Materials Science and Engineering Education," the meeting will cover topics that include: integration of graduate education with research, use of information technology in materials science and engineering education, role of industrial interactions in materials education, and teaching materials science and engineering to non-science majors. See for more information.

MARCON 2001, Gatlinburg TN
The University of Tennessee's Maintenance and Reliability Center is sponsoring the Maintenance and Reliability Conference 2001, to be held in Gatlinburg, TN from May 6-9. The conference will cover new technologies for effective maintenance and reliability engineering and practices, best practices and case studies of successful reliability and maintenance applications, and asset management strategies and approaches. For more information, see: mrc/marcon.html.

37th HTFMI, Sacramento
The 37th Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Institute has issued a call for papers. The meeting will be held from May 31-June 1 on the campus of California State University-Sacramento. Papers or summaries should be submitted by January 15.

Topics to be explored will include: fundamentals and applications of heat/mass transfer and fluid mechanics, including computational methods, measurement and control techniques, combustion and energy conversion devices, environmental applications, fluidics, hydraulics, and biomedical engineering. Papers or summaries should be sent to: Frederick H. Reardon, 37th HTFMI General Chairman, School of Engineering and Computer Science, California State University-Sacramento, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819. For more information, see:

FIE 2001, Reno
The Frontiers in Education Conference 2001 will be held in Reno, Nevada, from October 10-13, with the theme of "The Future - Impact on Engineering and Science Education." The conference will be a celebration of FIE's 31st anniversary, and will continue the tradition of disseminating new ideas in engineering and computer engineering education.

Topics for abstracts include: Capstone and creative design experiences, globalization initiatives and programs, historical perspectives and lessons, innovative degree programs, laboratory innovations, software engineering education, women in engineering, and teaching diversity. All abstracts are due by January 5.

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ISEBS 2001, Malvern PA
The International Symposium on Electronic Business and Systems has issued a call for papers, with a conference theme of how e-business is achieved and sustained successfully only through clear technical and business systems perspectives. The symposium, to be held from October 9-11 in Malvern, Pennsylvania, invites technical papers and case studies on bridging the gap between use of e-commerce and its technology. Submissions are due by May 15. For more information, see: