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For the next four months, beginning with this issue, ASEE Today will feature section news. Keep an eye on this space for your section.

Middle Atlantic Section

    The Middle Atlantic Section sponsors a meeting each spring and fall. The spring meeting will be hosted by the State University of New York at Farmingdale on April 15, 2000. Please see for more details. The fall meeting will be co-hosted by Lucent Technologies and Stevens Institute of Technology, and is normally held the week before the Frontiers in Education conference. When the date for this meeting is set, it will be posted on the ASEE section meeting site, .

    The executive committee is actively promoting engineering education with student and faculty paper competitions at regional meetings. The Middle Atlantic contains a large number of academic institutions, and it will be promoting campus ASEE activities among the many schools in the local region. The section has a Web site and newsletter, provided by Loyola College in Baltimore, at .

St. Lawrence/St. Laurent Section

    The St. Lawrence/St. Laurent Section has members from both sides of the St. Lawrence River, which explains the enigmatic section designation. Section meetings attract engineering educators from both sides of the border; indeed, the current treasurer and vice-chair are from Concordia University in Montreal and Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, respectively.

    ASEE currently has six student chapters, two of which are in the St. Lawrence/St. Laurent Section: Broome County Community College and SUNY-Buffalo. The section sponsors a student design competition that follows the guidelines of the national contest held in conjunction with the ASEE annual meeting in June. Teams compete in either the model or paper competition, and students in the first two years of their engineering education are eligible.

    Each year at the spring section meeting, awards are given to outstanding educators in two categories: two-year programs and four-year programs. The spring meeting will be held at Alfred University in Alfred, New York, March 31-April 1, 2000. For more information on this section's activities, contact Jenifer A.T. Taylor by e-mail: .


1999 ASEE Annual Conference Best Paper Awards

In the October 1999 issue of Prism, we published the lead authors of the best papers presented at the 1999 Annual Conference. Below is a complete list of all the authors who contributed. Copies of the papers are available for download in PDF format at

Best Overall Paper

    James Peterson, Herbert L. Hess, University of Idaho
    Paper: "Feasibility, Design, and Construction of a Small Hydroelectric Power Generation System as a Student Project"

Best Paper PIC I

    John Schemmel, University of Arkansas
    Paper: "Reinforce Design and Construction Issues with a Comprehensive Laboratory Project"

Best Paper PIC II

    Melissa S. Tooley, Kevin Hall, University of Arkansas
    Paper: "Using a Capstone Design Course to Facilitate ABET 2000 Program Outcomes"

Best Paper PIC III

    Craig Somerton, Michigan State University, Laura Genik, Diana Beavers, Todd Jammer, University of Portland
    Paper: "A Nusselt Number Correlation Classification System"

Best Paper PIC IV

    Deborah Kauffman, Richard Felder, Hugh Fuller, North Carolina State University
    Paper: "Peer Ratings in Cooperative Learning Teams"


Society of Women Engineers

    The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has announced its Year 2000 Scholarship Program. The scholarships are open only to women pursuing baccalaureate or master degrees in engineering and computer science programs at ABET-accredited or SWE-approved colleges and universities. Freshman scholarship applications must be postmarked no later than May 15, 2000; sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate scholarship applications must be postmarked no later than February 1, 2000. For more information, go to .

In Memoriam

ASEE Offers Condolences to Texas A&M University

Disaster struck the Texas A&M University campus in College Station last November. Twelve people were killed, and more than two dozen were injured when a pyramid of logs being arranged for the school's annual bonfire collapsed. The cause of the collapse was not known when Prism went to press. The bonfire is a 90-year-old tradition, part of an annual football rally before the A&M/University of Texas at Austin game. Students who work on the bonfire receive training, and work with assistance from heavy equipment operators, engineers, and other experts. Texas A&M president Ray Bowen established a commission to study the collapse, and a report is expected by March 31.

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