Comments - Industry and You-Partners?

Frank L. Huband

This month's issue of PRISM marks our third annual industry issue, in which we explore the connections between the practice and education sides of engineering.

Industry involvement in engineering education has important ramifications for educators, who have substantial opportunities to benefit from increased contact with private firms. "Building Strategic Partnerships," our cover story, examines the broad range of university/industry collaborations and how, properly managed, these partnerships between engineering schools and companies can work to the benefit of all.

Most engineering graduates, of course, will have careers outside of academe. With the impending implementation of Engineering Criteria 2000, schools will be expected to demonstrate that their programs and their graduates meet the goals that they set-which usually means meeting the needs of their graduates and their graduates' employers. By working with industry, engineering faculty members have a better chance at understanding and meeting the private sector's needs.

As engineering education adjusts to enhance its responsiveness to industry needs, so is PRISM responding to our readers' needs for more information about these connections and what they mean to educators. We are both broadening and changing what goes into our pages.
With this issue, we introduce several new editorial features to PRISM. The profile of Anita Jones, the former director of defense research and engineering at the Pentagon and now a computer science professor at the University of Virginia, is the first in a series of profiles of notable people in engineering education. We have also added the Pro/Con feature, which this month examines the use of surveys as assessment tools. This section should stimulate debate on important educational issues.

These new elements join DataBytes-part of the expanded Briefings section launched in January-in our effort to bring you additional information in more varied ways.
Help us assess our new approaches-tell us what you think, and what we should do to make PRISM (and ASEE generally) more useful to you. E-mail me at .


Frank L. Huband
Executive Director and Publisher

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