May-June 2003
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A Delicate Balance
A Delicate Balance
A Delicate Balance
A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance

Opening a New Book

Today's engineering students must be able to communicate well, work in teams, and take societal concerns into account. The question for educators is how to teach these skills.

By Thomas K. Grose
Illustration by Ingo Fast

Miracle Workers

Bioengineers are developing micro-electronic devices that could lead to amazing medical breakthroughs, including rudimentary sight recognition for the blind and, for the paralyzed, the ability to reach and grab.

Few and Far Between
Females students are hard to find in engineering technology program but schools are working to address the problem.
Soaring in Salt Lake City
Breathtaking natural beauty, world-class restaurants, shops, museums, and family history. Salt Lake City has it all.

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