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By Andrea Tallent

Next Generation EDM Software

Cyco Software introduces AutoManager TeamWork 2002, the next generation of engineering document management (EDM) workgroup software for design teams of five to 15 users. Cyco Software is a leading provider of engineering document management solutions for the department and divisional CAD and facilities management market, and AutoManager TeamWork 2002 is their latest development. The software is a complete EDM system that includes fast document access, revision control, viewing and printing capabilities, and integration with favorite CAD and office applications for seamless performance. The user interface allows one to view and print more than 250 document types, collaborate via LAN, WAN, or the Internet. One can also use the reference management tools to find external parts and assemblies, and set-up workflows per document type. For further information about the features and pricing of AutoManager TeamWork, you may contact Cyco at (800) 323-2926 or Arjan Timmermans at

Making the Most of Your Reading Time announces the launch of its new summarizing software, Copernic Summarizer 2.0. develops innovative solutions in intelligent agent technology to efficiently access and manage the overwhelming quantity of information available on the Internet and intranets. Using statistical and linguistic algorithms, the new Copernic Summarizer 2.0 pinpoints the key concepts and extracts the most relevant sentences on any Word document, PDF file, e-mail message or Web page, resulting in a summary that is a shorter, condensed version of the original text. It can analyze text of any length, on any subject, in one of four languages, and create a summary as short or as long as desired. Once summaries have been generated, they can be printed, saved, or e-mailed. To download a fully functional 30-day evaluation version of Copernic Summarizer 2.0, visit For further information on Copernic Summarizer 2.0, visit


Andrea Tallent is the advertising manager for Prism.
She can be reached at


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