ASEE PRISM - Feb 2001
Teaching Toolbox

by Andrea Tallent

Simulation Software
Festo Corporation has released COSIMIR Simulation Software, a PC-based, 3-D software package specifically designed to meet the needs of educational users, industrial robot programmers, and COSIMIR professionals.
COSIMIR allows users to easily perform off-line programming of the default robot (Mitsubishi), or alternate robots that are compatible with the IRL (DIN 66312) language. The graphics are Open-GL standard (simple wireframes or shaded representation).
For more information or to order, call Fred Zierau at (631) 435-0800 or see
Water Management Software
GBA Master Series, Inc. has developed a suite of infrastructure management software called GBA Master Series. This off-the-shelf, fully integrated software is used by municipalities, local and county governments, public works, and water resources agencies.
The software suite includes a number of programs that assist industry professionals. The GBA Sewer Master uses detailed inspection data to identify and prioritize manhole and pipe repairs. GBA Water Master assists in rehabilitation, replacement, and expansion planning along with system trend analysis of water distribution systems. The GBA GIS Master program is an extension of ESRI's ArcView GIS software, and can be used for intelligent mapping.
For more information or to order, see
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