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    William A. Baeslack, former associate dean for research and college development in the Ohio State University College of Engineering, has been named dean of engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

    Stephen Halperin has been appointed dean of the College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park.

    Larry F. HugginsLarry F. Huggins, the associate dean of engineering at Purdue University, has been named president of the American Society for Agricultural Engineers (ASAE).

    Robert G. Jenkins is the new dean of the College of Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Vermont.

    James Carmichael Renick, former chancellor and professor of public administration and education at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, has been appointed chancellor of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

    Gerald R. Seeley is the new dean of the College of Engineering at Valparaiso University.

    George WaldheimGeorge Waldheim, former dean of Business and Technology at the College of the Redwoods, is the new dean of the College of Technology at Ferris State University.

    David M. Woodall, former associate dean and director of research for the College of Engineering at the University of Idaho, has been appointed dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.



    Milan Degyansky, an ASEE member and tenured professor of civil engineering technology at Georgia Southern University, died August 1. Degyansky was the coordinator of the civil engineering technology program and served as chair for several committees at GSU. He also held several positions in ASCE's Georgia section.

Books By Members

Advanced Modern Control System Theory and Design . By Stanley M. Shinners. John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY; 1998, 607 pp., $115.00.

Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling Compliance Guide. By Partha R. Dey and Karl B. Schnelle. McGraw-Hill Text, New York, NY; 1999, 560 pp., $99.95.

Bridge Engineering Handbook. By Wai-Fah Chen and Lian Duan. CRC Pr, New Brunswick, NJ; 1999, 1,600 pp., $139.95.

Circuit Analysis: An Integrated Approach. By Jerome Zornesky and Stephen H. Maybar. Prentice Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ; 1999, 546 pp., $50.00.

Elasticity in Engineering Mechanics (2nd edit.). By Arthur P. Boresi and Ken P. Chong. Prentice Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ; 1999, 560 pp., $90.00.

The Engineering Design of Systems: Models and Methods (Wiley Series in Systems Engineering) By Dennis M. Buede, John Wiley & Sons, Somerset, NJ; 1999, 460 pp., $69.95.

Engineering Your Future—An Introduction to Engineering. By Dr. W. Oakes and Dr. L. Leone, et al. Great Lakes Press, East Lansing, MI; 1999, 560 pp., $39.95.

Geotechnical Engineer's Portable Handbook (McGraw Hill Portable Handbook). By Robert W. Day. McGraw Hill Text, New York, NY; 1999, 750 pp., $90.00.

Modern Control System Theory and Design (2nd ed.). By Stanley M. Shinners. John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY; 1998, 720 pp., $98.00.

Planning, Performing, and Controlling Projects: Principles and Applications (2nd ed.). By Thomas P. Cullinane, Norman A. Gundersen and Robert B. Angus. Prentice Hall, Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ; 1999, 320 pp., $52.15.

International News

European Society for Engineering


"Engineering Education: Rediscovering the Centre" was the theme of the 1999 European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI) Annual Conference. Held in Winterthur and Zurich, Switzerland from September 1-3, various working group themes included were: women in engineering, ethics in engineering education, and physics in engineering education, among many others. ASEE's Immediate Past President, Ernest T. Smerdon, represented ASEE at the conference and was the banquet speaker.

Next year's SEFI conference will be held in Paris from September 6-8, 2000. The theme will be "The Many Facets of International Education of Engineers." For more information, see the SEFI Web site at: To read Smerdon's comments on the conference, please see the ASEE Web site at:


International Society for Engineering Education

Only three weeks after the tragic earthquake in Turkey, the 28th Annual Symposium for the International Society for Engineering Education (IGIP) was held, from September 20-24. The theme was "Engineering Education in the Third Millennium," and had workshops ranging from "Education in Geotechnical Engineering," to "Educating Officers for Merchant Marine." Frank L. Huband, ASEE's Executive Director, and Ernest T. Smerdon, ASEE's Immediate Past President, both attended the conference. Smerdon presented an ASEE salutatory at the opening session and was also a major invited lecturer at the general plenary session.

The 2000 IGIP Symposium to be held during March in Biel and Zurich, Switzerland, has the theme, "Unique and Excellent." For more information, see the IGIP Web site at:


To submit items for the International News section, please send the information at least 12 weeks prior to desired publication to ASEE Today, fax (202) 265-8504; e-mail: . To read about all events listed, see the ASEE Web site at:

Fellowships - NDSEG Winners

Following are the 1999-2000 winners of the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships. Winners are listed by their graduate institutions, with their undergraduate institutions in parentheses.

    Auburn University
    Joseph Ragan (Auburn University)

    California Institute of Technology
    John Choi (State University of New York at Buffalo)
    Scott Jackson (Brown University)
    Marissa Mock (Pennsylvania State University)
    Saleem Mukhtar (Carnegie Mellon University)
    Stephen Popielarski (Rensselaer Polytech.)
    Ian Spielman (University of Oklahoma)

    Carnegie Mellon University
    Anthony Cate (Yale University)
    Drew Feiner (West Chester University)
    Glenn Judd (Brigham Young University)
    Stephen McCracken (Pennsylvania State University)
    Sanjit Seshia (Indian Institute of Technology)

    Clarkson University
    Antonio Abrantes (Clarkson University)

    Cornell University
    Daniel Freedman (Mass. Institute of Technology)

    Duke University
    James Balhoff (Louisiana State University)
    Iyad Obeid (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Brian German (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    Braden Hunsaker (Harvard University)
    Kristopher Kozak (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    Michael Swinson (Duke University) 

    Harvard University
    Lisa Huang (University of California at Los Angeles)
    John Love (University of Virginia)
    Vivek Mohta (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Jonathan Payne (Williams College)
    Kelly Plummer (University of Minnesota)
    David White (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)
    David Whitney (Boston University)
    Nathaniel Wicks (Yale University)
    Stephanie Yang (Princeton University)

    Illinois Institute of Technology
    Belinda Leeney (Illinois Institute of Technology) 

    Iowa State University
    Christine Baker (West Virginia Wesleyan)

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Gil Alterovitz (Carnegie Mellon University)
    Clary Barreto (University of Puerto Rico)
    Marita Barth (Oregon State Unviersity)
    Daniel Bliss (Harvard University)
    Bryan Crane (University of Missouri)
    Heather Deese (Georgetown University)
    Donald Eickstedt (Michigan Technological Univ.)
    Ryan Eustice (Michigan State University)
    Mary Godfrey (U.S. Naval Academy)
    Daniel Greenbaum (SUNY-Stony Brook)
    Sarah Groff (Yale University)
    Lara Gulmann (University of California at Berkeley)
    Shane Haas (University of Kansas)
    Joydip Kundu (Harvard University)
    Peter Lee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Thomas McGuire (Pennsylvania State University)
    Irina Medvedev (George Mason University)
    Anne Pak (University of Maryland)
    Adam Singer (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    Andrew Sparks (Mass. Institute of Technology)
    David Strozzi (Princeton University)
    Erik Sudderth (University of California at San Diego)
    Krystyn Vanvliet (Brown University)
    Justin Werfel (Princeton University)

    Northwestern University
    Dorian Balch (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Joel Gregie (U. of Ill. at Urbana-Champaign)
    James Hulvat (Cornell University)
    Brian Ingram (Carnegie Mellon University)

    Pennsylvania State University
    Travis Fisher (University of Nebraska at Lincoln)
    Amy Griffin (Macalester College)
    James Lettieri (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor) 

    Princeton University
    Jeffrey Davis (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Jessica Fong (Harvard University)
    Robert Osada (California Institute of Technology)
    Julianna Tymoczko (Harvard University)

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    E. Dean Meloney (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

    Stanford University
    David Binns (SUNY-Geneseo)
    Richard Bragg (Univ. of Calif. at Santa Barbara)
    Timothy Bretl (Swarthmore College)
    Kimberly Cameron (Princeton University)
    Peter Kasson (Stanford University)
    Lisa Kinder (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Matthew Lacey (University of Kansas)
    Brian Lee (University of California at Berkeley)
    Jeffrey Mason (Stanford University)
    Lisa Moore (University of Texas at Austin)
    David Pecora (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Prasun Ray (Cornell University)
    Justin Ream (Case Western Reserve University)
    James Rose (University of Cincinnati)
    Alok Saldanha (Mass. Institute of Technology)
    Jason Stephens (Univ. of Ill. at Urbana-Champaign)
    David Weld (Harvard University)
    Lisa Wong (Princeton University)
    Beverly Yang (Stanford University)

    State University of New York at Stony Brook
    Gillian Stewart (Harvard University) 

    University of Arizona
    Asher Cutter (Tufts University)


    University of California at Berkeley
    Brian Bircumshaw (California Institute of Technology)
    Benjamin Boussert (Louisiana State University)
    Leland Chang (University of California at Berkeley)
    Monica Chew (U. of North Carolina at Greensboro)
    Patrick Eaton (U. of Ill. at Urbana-Champaign)
    Gregory Garay (University of Cincinnati)
    Antonio Garcia (University of Missouri at Columbia)
    Cameron Geddes (Swarthmore College)
    Anne Hsu (University of California at Berkeley)
    Delia Milliron (Princeton University)
    Aaron Siegel (Carnegie Mellon University)
    Shelley Zhuang (University of Missouri at Columbia) 

    University of California at Los Angeles
    Robin Hayes (Linfield College)
    David Hwang (U. of California at Los Angeles)
    Uma Karmarkar (Stanford University)

    University of California at San Diego
    Tegan Blaine (Brown University)
    Julie Bowles (University of Washington)
    Jessica Lundquist (University of California at Davis)
    Tim Marks (Harvard University)
    David Sykes (University of Alberta)

    University of California at San Francisco
    Robert Gage (Pennsylvania State University) 

    University of California at Santa Cruz
    Jacob Sewall (Washington and Lee University)

    University of Chicago
    Jennifer Chen (Tulane University)
    Johanna Miller (Duke University) 

    University of Colorado at Boulder
    Gregory Kriehn (Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech.) 

    University of Georgia
    Amber Keyser (Evergreen State College)

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Timothy Bigelow (Colorado State University)
    Jeremy Gray (University of Alabama)
    Jill Nelson (Rice University)
    John Sadleir (U. of Ill. at Urbana-Champaign)
    Bhuwan Singh (Auburn University)

    University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
    Brian Beal (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)
    Christopher Bigler (U. of Mich. at Ann Arbor)
    Michael Colonno (Cornell University)
    Patrick Finn (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)
    Shawn Stad (Drexel University)

    University of Minnesota at Twin Cities
    Christina Haley (University of Illinois at Chicago)
    Stephen Whalen (University of Nebraska at Lincoln) 

    University of Pennsylvania
    Sujata Bhatia (University of Delaware)

    University of Rhode Island
    Magdalena Andres (University of Rhode Island)
    Douglas Mitchell (Boise State University)

    University of Rochester
    Jonathan Lamberton (Gallaudet University)
    Sharon Weiss (University of Rochester)

    University of Texas at Austin
    Marcia Ethridge (Virginia Tech)
    Ryan Russell (Texas A&M University)

    University of Virginia
    Shannon Bartelt (Northwestern University)

    University of Washington
    Neil Banas (Swarthmore College)
    Donald Patterson (Cornell University)
    Lloyd Wells (Johns Hopkins University)

    University of Wisconsin at Madison
    John Herbert (Kansas State University)
    Kevin Paulisse (Hope College)

    Yale University
    Kenneth Yoon (Stanford University)

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