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Faculty's Finest: Kevin Kit Parker - Professor on Patrol - Photo by Rose Lincoln

By Thomas K. Grose

Kevin Kit Parker loves science. And given that he's an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Harvard University, he's clearly pretty good at it. But Parker, 38, also has soldier's blood coursing through his veins: He comes from a long line of military officers. Faculty's Finest: Kevin Kit Parker - Photo by SSG Leopold Medina, US ArmySo 12 years ago, he enlisted in the Army Reserves and trained as an infantry officer. "I wanted to be where the action is," he says, "to satisfy my need to do things I can't do in a lab." Enraged by the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Parker transferred to a unit more likely to be called up. "I knew we were going to war," he says, and he wanted in. Parker got his wish. Thirteen months later, he found himself in Afghanistan as an 82nd Airborne Division captain, on daily patrol, dodging hostile fire, and searching for Taliban and Al Qaeda forces. The experience was dangerous and intense. "But I wouldn't trade it for the world." And he's proud and relieved that all of his men came home safely. Academics in the military reserves are a rarity. Indeed, Parker admits that being an infantry officer is at odds with keeping apace on the tenure track. When he returned stateside, he took only three days vacation before he was back in his Cambridge lab. "I was hot to trot." He thinks he's back up to speed now. However, the likelihood that he could be activated again is high. But that's a call Parker's willing to answer once more. —Thomas K. Grose


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