December 2002 - Volume 12, Number 4
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Science and Sports
Science and Sports
Science and Sports
Science and Sports

Engineers Take Competetion to a New Level

A Whole New Ball Game

Engineers can make athletes run faster, the golf ball fly further and the swimmer more sleek, but when all is said and done, is that what they should be spending their time on?

By Dan McGraw

Up In Smoke

The experts say that existing technology can reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that may cause global warming, but it's very expensive, and the United States isn't investing enough to make a difference.

A Contrarian for the Ages

University of South Carolina president Steve Sample is not your regular college president. Nor is he your regular engineer. He's made his way in both fields by thinking unconventionally.

The Lure of Industry
Corporate America has become a magnet for engineering innovations, but many don't want to leave academia altogether.
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