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- By Andrea Tallent

Creativity at Your Fingertips

Sony Electronics, Inc. has recently introduced VAIO Slimtop Pen Tablet PC (model PCV-LX910), which is targeted at design professionals and artists who use their PCs for graphics work. The LX910 pen tablet features a pressure-sensitive pen which allows users to draw, erase, and navigate Windows-based applications directly on a 15-inch liquid crystal display screen that is part of the package. The screen is dual-hinged and can fold down to a horizontal angle, providing a position that is similar to the way users first learned to write or draw with a pencil and paper. The LX910 model also features Sony's PictureToy software, a drawing application with various virtual brush types and sizes. An additional feature to the pen tablet is an Ethernet port for high-speed Internet connections, DVD/CD-RW drives, a Memory Stick removable media slot, and a VAIO Smart convertible keyboard. For additional information, visit or call (888) 222-SONY.

New Language for Math Software

SoftIntegration, Inc. has launched Ch 2.0, an alternative mathematical software package for rapid prototyping and scientific numerical computing. Ch 2.0 allows engineering students to interactively learn programming in C, a modern computer programming language based on international standards. With new features in the latest 1999 C standard, Ch 2.0 eliminates the common transferrable problem with the C language. By using Ch 2.0, engineering students can save time by learning one computer programming language. Harry Cheng from SoftIntegration, Inc., who is also an associate professor in the mechanical and aeronautical engineering department at the University of California, Davis, originally developed Ch 2.0 in 1993 for courses he taught, including introduction to computer programming. Ch is now available to the public at $199 for a single-user license. For additional information, visit or call (530) 297-7398.


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