December 2001
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Ordering the Universe

Managing the Unmanageable

By Joannie Fischer

Bioinformatics, the new science that analyzes the mind-boggling amounts of computer-generated data from human genome sequencing, requires an army of scientists with abilities that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Spread The Word
Engineering Professor Emeritus John Lienhard's true achievement has gone beyond the classroom. As host of NPR's "The Engines of Our Ingenuity," he has put his stamp on the modern age with a passion for the history of technology.
A Bumpy Road
Although distance education as a whole has fallen on hard times, engineering has managed to avoid most of the potholes.

Giants of the Sea

Floating crafts up to a mile long and 25 stories high - even floating cities - may be on the horizon if developers can figure out how to pay for them.
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