Structural Analysis

Integrated Engineering Software has recently introduced VisualAnalysis version 4.0, the latest addition to this series of practical structural analysis software. Using this professional-level software, engineers can create graphic presentations of analysis results quickly and in full color. The latest version of VisualAnalysis includes more than 100 customer-suggested enhancements, including a streamlined menu, project manager, better-quality graphics, and reporting tools like a report menu and quick-pick custom styles.

VisualAnalysis 4.0 is available in two versions. The standard 3-D version is available at $695 for a single license and $260 for each additional one. The basic 2-D version is available at $395 for a single license and $150 for each additional. Upgrades are available for $190. To order, call (406) 586-2665 or e-mail: support@iesweb.com. For more information and a free trial version, visit www.iesweb.com/ visualanalysis.htm.

Internet Instruction

Dynamic math will soon be within reach for many professors. Design Science, developer of mathematical publishing software, has announced WebEQ, a complete toolbox for building dynamic math Web pages. With WebEQ, professors need only basic software programming skills to create web pages with interactive mathematics, allowing students to complete math problems online. Then by simply clicking 'send,' assignments are instantly turned in, eliminating piles of papers and missed deadlines. Ideal for distance learning courses, WebEQ enables professors to give everything from interactive sample equations to complex online exams from the convenience of their personal computers. WebEQ features an equation editor and page wizard for authoring MathML, a scriptable Math Viewer applet for displaying dynamic math, and more. WebEQ is available for $129. For more information or to order, call Bruce Virga, 562-433-0685, or visit www.mathtype.com.

Plant/Pipe Design Software

Rebis, maker of plant design and management software, recently released an upgrade to its popular AutoPlant design software, AutoPlant Plant Design Workgroup Version 2.0. With several new enhancements, AutoPlant 2.0 is an invaluable suite of customizable design and plant data management tools. Based on KIWI Software's 3D PRO-STEEL core technology, AutoPlant 2.0 offers designers and engineers a powerful modeling and detail tool, with vivid 3-D visuals. The software also includes a new 2-D pipe drafting application for producing pipe layout plans. Users will find features such as an upgraded pipe support library, Autodesk, Architectural Desktop support, additional piping components and new types of equipment. The upgrade also includes additional HTML help files and tutorials. For pricing information or to order call (440) 272-5407 or see www.rebis.com .

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