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- By Cara Green

Merge of the Clipboard and Stopwatch

A new software program called AccuStudy can determine the efficiency of manufacturing tasks while eliminating the use of handwritten notes and calculations on the job. The program, developed by Advanced Time Studies, Inc., automatically creates detailed reports and summaries of efficiency results for such operations as floor layouts and material handling in less time than traditional methods, allowing for greater productivity and a smaller margin of error. AccuStudy eliminates hand recording, and the output is translated into easy-to-read graphs and worksheets. A specific task can be recorded, analyzed, and printed instantly. The software employs simplistic and familiar production icons and can be utilized by any handheld device that runs Windows CE. It is available with regular updates and upgrades, as well as 24-hour technical support. For more information regarding AccuStudy, visit the Advanced Time Studies' Web site at


Convenience Compiled in a Book

“Software for Electrical Engineering Analysis and Design V,” is a compilation of papers presented at the Fifth International Conference on Software for Electrical Engineering Analysis & Design (ELECTROSOFT 2001) held by the Wessex Institute in 2001. This book delves into the design, construction, evaluation, and use of software for engineering design and analysis of electrical and electromagnetic systems. An extensive array of software is covered with an emphasis on numerical methods and computational codes. Other major issues addressed in the book include software packages, symbolic computation, optimization, and image processing and interfaces. For further information or to request a copy, visit the Web site at


Cara Green is an advertising assistant at Prism magazine.
She can be reached by e-mail at