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Praise for Prism

I teach a junior core introduction to engineering design course at the College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science at Tennessee State University. I always share the wealth of information I find in Prism with my class, exhibited in stories such as “Waging War” in the February issue. Thank you.

Nipha P. Kumar
Professor, College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science
Tennessee State University

Making Tracks

Your recent article “Fast Track for Trains” (January 2002) covers the current technical/business situation with magnetically levitated trains and the Transrapid test vehicle very well in a short space. And if I may say so, the graphics are superb. There are always small quibbles—the photo caption showing the vehicle levitation frame is mislabeled as the “track cross-section”—but overall it's a well-done piece.

Laurence Blow
Senior Project Manager, Transrapid International USA
Washington D.C.