PRISM Magazine Online - April 2000
Teaching Toolbox

By Kelly Gordon

Maple 6Mathematical Software

    Waterloo Maple Inc. has released Maple 6, an interactive computer algebra system that allows the manipulation of symbolic algebraic expressions, and two- and three-dimensional graphics. 

    The new software offers performance improvements in areas such as signal and image processing, dynamic simulation, and mathematical modeling.  It is compatible with Windows, UNIX, Macintosh, and Linux systems.  A link within the software allows users to perform symbolic, numerical, and graphical analysis within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  Maple 6 worksheets can also be exported in rich text format, which allows for integration with all popular word processing programs.

    Maple 6 is available at $1,695 for commercial use or $995 for academic use.  For more information or to order contact:  Waterloo Maple Inc., 57 Erb Street West, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 6C2; (519) 747-2373; fax (519) 747-5284; e-mail:; or see:

Library Feature

    Release 12A material library manager is the latest feature for Release 12, a finite element analysis software package by Algor, Inc.  The manager gives users quick and easy access to stored material data.  The default library for the software includes values for common materials from standard engineering references.  Users may also create their own customized library with the material data they use most.  The library manager allows users to quickly apply material properties to a finite element model.  Algor's software works within or alongside any CAD system; Release 12 may be used with Windows NT, 95, or 98.  Software packages start at: $975.  For more information or to order, contact:  Algor, Inc., 150 Beta Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238; (412) 967-2700; fax (412) 967-2781; e-mail:; or see: and