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see also the ASEE Calendar of Events


    ASEE Midwest section meeting, Omaha, NE. "The 21st Century Engineering Student: Profiles in Diverse Opportunities." Contact Terrence Foster: (402) 554-3273; e-mail:

    ASEE Gulf Southwest section meeting, Las Cruces, NM. "History of the Future: Engineering Education into the Next Millennium." Contact Phil Smith: (505) 646-2118; e-mail:

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY Partnerships: Engineering and Mathematics.
    Participants will study materials developed by NSF Mathematical Sciences and their Applications Across the Curriculum program, and work in interdisciplinary teams to adapt and develop materials for use at their home institution.  Topics come from all levels of the undergraduate curriculum in mathematics and engineering using storyboarding and technological delivery. Applications for the workshop are accepted from teams of two to four, which must include one mathematics and one engineering faculty.
    This workshop is sponsored by the The Mathematical Association of America.  See  under Professional Development for more information and application.  Contact: Maureen Callanan, 202.483.5450 (FAX),  Application Deadline: May 1, 2000.

    Deadline for submission of ideas or abstracts for the 2001 Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration, San Diego, CA. Contact Maureen Barcic: (412) 624-9882; fax (412) 624-2827; e-mail:

    ASEE Pacific Southwest section meeting, Tucson, AZ. "Meeting Constituent Needs in the 21st Century." Contact Jeffrey B. Goldberg: (520) 621-6032; e-mail:

    ASEE Middle Atlantic section meeting, Farmingdale, NY. Contact Amit Bandyopadhyay: (516) 420-2378; e-mail:

    ASEE Pacific Northwest Section Meeting, Bozeman, MT. Contact Robert Marley: (406) 994-2272; fax (406) 994-6665; e-mail:; or see:

    ASEE New England section meeting, Lowell, MA. Contact Krishna Vedula: (978) 934-2575; e-mail: .

    30-May 3
    The American Ceramic Society Annual Meeting and Exposition, St. Louis, MO. Contact the ACerS Customer Service Department: (614) 794-5890; fax (614) 899-6109; e-mail:; or see


    American Consulting Engineers Council Annual Convention, Buffalo, NY. Contact ACEC: (202) 347-7474; fax: (202) 898-0068; or see

    The Helen Carr Fellowship application deadline for January/ February enrollment. For more details, see:

    Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Conference, Cleveland, OH. Contact Lisa Zaken: (770) 449-0461, ext. 111; e-mail:, or see

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