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ASEE Today - Campus Rep Update

By Andrea Gabrick

Though it's just a folder filled with brochures, pamphlets, and phone numbers, a new member packet may seem like information overload to those unfamiliar with ASEE. The best way for new members to learn the ropes is to pay a visit to their campus representative. More than 300 ASEE members across the country serve as campus reps, acting as liaisons between their schools and ASEE headquarters.

Appointed by their dean, the main duties of these volunteers is to recruit new members, continuously promote membership, encourage fellow members to take part in ASEE-sponsored meetings and activities, and remind lapsed members to rejoin.

Each year, campus representatives submit activity reports to keep headquarters updated on what they've been doing and plan to do at their schools, and to suggest what headquarters can do to help. In last year's reports, many reps asked for door signs to make their presence on campus known. ASEE recently granted this request and sent out the color signs last fall.

Drawn from this year's reports, here are some of the things these volunteers have been doing to promote ASEE on their campuses:

  • At the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Deran Hanesian published four newsletters, which remind all faculty members of dates for section meetings, deadlines for section and division awards, and of the importance of ASEE membership.
  • Tina Yuille, at Clarkson University, sponsors regular mixers to bring together current members and instructors of all engineering disciplines and to facilitate conversations about engineering education, as well as to recruit and retain members.
  • Thomas Weber, at SUNY-Buffalo, reports the establishment of an ASEE student chapter, made up of five graduate students, one from each engineering department. The group has posted its constitution and by-laws on its Web site,, and held its first meeting in October.
  • At North Dakota State University, Sudhir Mehta arranges pedagogical luncheons each semester to discuss issues related to enhancing student learning.
  • Thomas Mulinazzi, of the University of Kansas, reports that his dean, Carl Locke, sponsored a day-long workshop that addressed preparation for ABET's Engineering Criteria 2000, and also featured a hands-on demonstration of multimedia tools and how to use them in the classroom.

Almost all campus reps reported widespread use of e-mail as well as personal contact as a means of disseminating ASEE information and encouraging delinquent and prospective members to join. Widespread participation in the Dean's Program was also reported. Most campus reps seemed pleased with the efforts of headquarters and made suggestions for continued successful relations.

Campus representatives will meet for several activities during the 1999 Annual Conference and Exposition, June 20-23 in Charlotte. A brainstorming session on Tuesday, June 22, will give campus reps the chance to discuss the past year's events and to exchange ideas and suggestions for improving the upcoming year. They will also convene for an awards reception on Monday, June 21. 

For a list of ASEE Campus Reps, see .
For more information on ASEE's Campus Rep Program, see or contact Felicia Guglielmi, (202) 331-3521.

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