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By Andrea Gabrick

EA-100 Casio Data Analysis System

Educators can bring the real world into the classroom and allow students to actively observe natural phenomena with the EA-100 Casio Data Analysis System. The hand-held device brings science and math together by measuring and logging data in real time.

The EA-100 can be used as a stand-alone data collection device or in tandem with Casio graphing calculators. Users can measure temperature, light, and voltage with the three included probes; and motion, sound, force, and pH with optional probes. The auto "ID Probe" automatically senses the type of probe connected to each port.

Other features include on-screen guidance that confirms operation status and tracks events at intervals for an overview of events as they progress, and a manual setup function that allows users to select channel, sampling time, and number of samples. Users can simultaneously collect data on five channels, and can display data from a specified channel during sampling or when sampling is complete. A comprehensive guidebook and an experiment workbook of classroom examples are included.

The EA-100 single unit price is $163; bulk order prices vary. For more information or to order, call (800) 582-2763; or see .

New Resource for CADKEY Users

Hybrid Modeling with CADKEY Solids is Tech Ed Concepts' latest instructional guidebook. Educators, students, and industrial CADKEY users will learn the concept of "planning" a design using 3-D wireframe and solid modeling methodology.

The book explores hybrid modeling, assemblies, mass properties, drawing layout, and other facets of mechanical design. Each chapter includes examples, review questions, and sample problems to familiarize users with new techniques that they can apply to their own designs. Users can also consult the index and appendices for further explanation and information on related topics.

Hybrid Modeling with CADKEY Solids costs $49.95 and an instructor's guide is available for $10. To order or for more information, call (800) 338-2238; e-mail: ; or see .

Lap Mouse Pad

E-Z Solutions offers mouse users a unique, fun, and painless choice for computing. The ergonomic Lap Mouse Pad adjusts to any position needed to obtain medically correct posture, and helps reduce joint and muscle stress, and wrist and elbow injuries. Users can hold the mouse at various angles to work in a more natural position.

Lap Mouse Pads come in a wide variety of styles. Users can choose different colors and patterns to customize both the top and bottom portions, and can even feature their company logo.

The Lap Mouse Pad costs $19.95. For ordering and educational/bulk discount information, call (915) 486-0387; or see .

Research Funding Source Book

Oryx Press's Directory of Research Grants 1999 gives the most current and comprehensive information on more than 5,900 Canadian and U.S. funding sources for research projects and programs. This 23rd edition lists all major disciplines and subject areas, and includes available funds from foundations, corporations, state and local organizations, and federal and state governments.

The Directory features program descriptions and contact information for each entry, as well as the sponsor's name and address, requirements and/or restrictions, funding amount available, application deadlines, Web site addresses, and samples of previously awarded grants. It also features an introduction to grant proposal planning and writing.

The Directory of Research Grants 1999 costs $135. To order or for more information, call (800) 279-6799; or see .

Professional Tool for Students

Mathsoft has introduced the latest edition of its widely used Mathcad software. Mathcad 8 Professional Academic Edition combines all the capabilities of previous versions with new features for greater computational and analytical power to solve a wide range of problems.

Using real math notation, Mathcad 8 allows users to combine equations, text, and graphs on the same worksheet. Mathcad works with other Windows applications, including Excel and MATLAB, and its built-in Web-based collaboration and publishing tools allow multiple users to collaborate. Other new features include user-controlled 3-D graphics, and Intellimath, which automatically tracks and converts units.

The academic edition includes two bonus CDs: math and science, which covers such topics as physics and chemistry; and engineering, which features engineering problem solving and topics in electrical engineering. Both CDs provide in-depth explanations, exercises, and problem sets.

Mathcad 8 Professional Academic Edition runs on Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 and requires 16 MB RAM, CD-ROM, VGA graphics, and a Pentium-90 or higher processor. A single copy costs $129.95; volume licensing costs vary. For more information or to order, call (800) 628-4223; or see .

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